TMS Therapy FAQ’s – Should I start treatment when in a ‘better state of mind or worse (with anxiety and depression)?

FAQ about TMS Therapy:

Would it be more beneficial for me to start treatment when I am in a ??etter??state of mind rather than being at my worst (with anxiety and depression)?

Kaitlyn L. (Grand Junction) -Most of our patients come to us when they are at their worst, so that is what we are prepared for. Most of the time, TMS is a last-ditch effort for people who have been through meds, therapy, etc with little to no improvement. Although the ideal case would be for patients to be calm and collected, that is not always reality and we understand that. 

The intensity of your depression at that moment does not affect the machines ability to treat you, and it is okay to cry during your treatment. Our goal is that by treating you at your worst, we can work toward getting you feeling better without prolonging the treatment.


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