Does the TMS Therapy Doctor “take over” the patient’s psych care.

Q: A question I receive all the time is about the TMS doctor “”taking over”” the patient’s psych care?

A: A lot of patients come in with the idea or expectation that the overseeing provider will take over the meds and visits of the patient. I frequently explain that the overseeing provider is the provider for this treatment only, and that patient medications, counseling, office visits etc.are to be continued with their original prescribing doctor. In other words, the overseeing provider will care for you in regards to TMS, but will not be taking over or assuming the patient care entirely at any point. Some patients don’t understand that when we get a referral from a provider, that it is only a referral for TMS and not a referral for TMS and a transfer of care. When you are experiencing depression and having to navigate things that might be confusing, it can be difficult but we understand that and are happy to explain this. Once you have completed treatment, a report will be sent back to your referring or primary provider who can then build a plan with you as far as next steps, medication changes or other possibilities to help continue your care. If at any point you and your provider think you might benefit from additional treatment, a new referral can be sent to us and we can submit for additional treatment sessions.


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