Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory

Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory

NeuroQuantology. 5 (3) (pp 262-270), 2007. Date of Publication: September 2007.

McFadden J.

The conscious electromagnetic field theory (CEMI field theory) is described which proposes that consciousness is a manifestation of the brain’s electromagnetic (EM) field. The Key feature of the brain’s EM field is that it is capable of integrating vast quantities of information into a single physical system and it thereby accounts for the binding of consciousness. The CEMI field theory is shown to be compatible with all the known facts about consciousness. Unlike quantum theories of consciousness, the CEMI field theory does not require any special physical states in the brains; it is perfectly compatible with brain physiology. Nevertheless, recent work has shown that classical electromagnetic waves may be used to implement quantum algorithms; therefore the brain’s CEMI field may be able to perform quantum computations (but without the requirement for quantum coherent states of matter).