Diffusion MRI-Guided Theta Burst Stimulation Enhances Memory and Functional Connectivity Along the Inferior Longitudinal Fasciculus in Mild Cognitive Impairment

SOURCE: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America. 119(21):e2113778119, 2022 May 24.

AUTHORS: Chen YC; Ton That V; Ugonna C; Liu Y; Nadel L; Chou YH

SIGNIFICANCE: Noninvasive theta burst stimulation (TBS) guided by brain white matter tractography is a promising approach to strengthen resting-state functional connectivity of the hippocampus and increase associative memory performance in individuals with mild cognitive impairment. With this approach, our findings add insight into how TBS propagates from the superficial stimulation site to the hippocampus along the inferior longitudinal fasciculus. Results of this study provide an innovative platform for developing a noninvasive hippocampal stimulation protocol that has great potential in enhancing memory function in mild cognitive impairment.