Low Frequency (1 Hz) rTMS Application in the Treatment of Resistant Auditory Hallucinations: A Case Presentation


Dusunen Adam. 26 (3) (pp 295-298), 2013. Date of Publication: 2013.

Tekin A.; Bakim B.; Ozdil E.; Guleken M.D.

Auditory hallucinations are clinically important symptoms which are seen in psychotic disorders. They are associated with low social functionality, increased tendency of violence and suicidality. Some of these cases can just partially respond to medical treatment. Recently, there have been a marked increase in the studies showing an effectiveness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) use in the treatment of auditory hallucinations. In this case presentation, the effect of low frequency rTMS use on resistant auditory hallucinations will be discussed.