Management of Functional Vision Disorders [Review]

SOURCE: Current Neurology & Neuroscience Reports. 22(4):265-273, 2022 Apr.

AUTHORS: Phansalkar R; Lockman AJ; Bansal S; Moss HE

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purpose of this review is to summarize current approaches to management of functional vision disorder (FVD).

RECENT FINDINGS: Several retrospective studies of FVD in both adults and children have shed light on the range of outcomes and the prevalence of psychosocial stressors among FVD patients. While the first line of treatment for FVD is reassurance and education, recent case reports highlight the use of additional treatment modalities including psychotherapy, hypnosis, and transcranial magnetic stimulation in specific cases. Although the epidemiology and diagnosis of functional vision disorder are well described, there is limited evidence supporting treatment modalities. Nevertheless, the majority of patients improve with conservative management including reassurance, education, and appropriate follow-up. Additional approaches such as mental health care referral can be considered in refractory cases.