Neuromodulation-Based Stem Cell Therapy in Brain Repair: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives [Review]

SOURCE: Neuroscience Bulletin. 37(5):735-745, 2021 May.

AUTHORS: Yuan TF; Dong Y; Zhang L; Qi J; Yao C; Wang Y; Chai R; Liu Y; So KF

ABSTRACT: Stem cell transplantation holds a promising future for central nervous system repair. Current challenges, however, include spatially and temporally defined cell differentiation and maturation, plus the integration of transplanted neural cells into host circuits. Here we discuss the potential advantages of neuromodulation-based stem cell therapy, which can improve the viability and proliferation of stem cells, guide migration to the repair site, orchestrate the differentiation process, and promote the integration of neural circuitry for functional rehabilitation. All these advantages of neuromodulation make it one potentially valuable tool for further improving the efficiency of stem cell transplantation.