Overview of Studies on the Efficacy of rTMS on the Severity of Symptoms of MDD, Conducted in University Psychiatric Hospital Sveti Ivan 2016-2022

SOURCE: Psychiatria Danubina. 34(Suppl 3):7-9, 2022 Jun.

AUTHORS: Filipcic Simunovic I; Geres N; Orgulan I; Vuk Pisk S; Gajsak T; Sucic S; Milovac Z; Celic-Ruzic M; Zecevic Penic S; Matos T; Dobrovic N; Filipcic I

ABSTRACT: This brief report presents the studies on HF rTMS efficacy on major depressive disorder (MDD) symptoms conducted in University Psychiatric Hospital Sveti Ivan from 2016 to 2022. We assessed the clinically relevant effects of rTMS delivered by H1-coil and the figure-8-coil on MDD symptoms severity in the pooled sample of patients. During the last seven years, we enrolled in the studies on MDD 336 patients with a median (interquartile range; IQR) age of 53 (45-61) years, 181 (54%) of them women. We performed interventions with two different coils (8-coil and H1-coil) at 120% of the
motor threshold, approximately half with 10 and half with 18 Hz frequency, and > 90% with one daily session during 20 workdays. We offer considerations on how the bulk of our research informed the future direction of our laboratory’s studies and clinical work.