Subject-Specific Optimization Of Channel Currents For Multi-Channel Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.


Subject-specific optimization of channel currents for multi channel
transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Cline CC; Johnson NN; He B.
Conference Proceedings: … Annual International Conference of
the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society. 2015:2083-6, 2015.
The goal of this work is to develop a focal transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) system using a multichannel coil array for high-resolution neuromodulation. We proposed a novel spatially-distributed stimulation strategy to significantly improve the focality of TMS. Computer simulations were conducted to evaluate the proposed approach and test the merits of multichannel TMS. Three different multichannel coilarrays were modeled in addition to a conventional figure-8 coil for comparison. Simulations were performed on finite element head models of six subjects constructed from anatomical MR images via an automated pipeline. Multichannel TMS arrays exhibited significantly more focal induced electric field magnitudes compared to the figure-8 coil.
Additionally, electrical steering of stimulation sites without physical
movement of the coil array was demonstrated.
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