TMS Solutions Welcomes New Blog Author, Dr. Sana Barada

TMS Solutions is thrilled and honored to be featuring Dr. Sana Barada.

“”Dr. Sana Barada is a featured author to our website and social media.  Dr. Barada is a well respected, compassionate, engaging, and enthusiastic Physician, and friend, practicing in Firenze, Italy.  Moreover, TMS Solutions is excited to share her knowledge, experience and insight with our patients and the public. Please read below, About Sana Barada to learn more about her.””

~ Christopher M. Blackburn, Co-Founder/Partner

About Sana Barada:

Sana received her bachelors degree in Pharmacy in 1998 from the Lebanese American University and then specialized in Clinical Pharmacology (Pharm-D).

After moving to Italy, from 2004 to 2008 she attended another four-year specialization program on applied pharmacology at the University of Florence ??pharmacovigilance and surveillance unit department for research assessment, and from 2012 to 2014 her Masters degree followed in the International Program in Addiction Studies, IPAS, provided by the Virginia Commonwealth University, King?? College London, and the University of Adelaide, recommended by the NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Over the years, thanks to the growing expertise accrued, she independently developed and implemented a series of extremely significant initiatives and projects.

In 2006, after having won a scholarship as the pharmacist in the Regional center of Pharmacovigilance in Florence, she created an original project dedicated to ??harmacovigilance in Middle Eastern countries??aimed at developing and monitoring the drug safety profile. This project was presented in February, 2008 to the Head of Quality and Safety Assurance of Medicinal Products of the WHO (World Health Organization) in Geneva, and to the Director of Foreign External Affairs, Head office of the WHO program, UMC (Uppsala Monitoring center).

In the wake of this initiative, also in 2008 in Doha, Qatar, she illustrated ??etting up a Pharmacovigilance Centre in Qatar & the GCC countries?? a work carried out in collaboration with the head of the Toxicology Department & DIC at the Hamad Medical Center, HMC.

During the same year, at Uppsala, in Sweden, she took part in the ??HO Program for International Drug Monitoring, UMC-WHO?? as the very first representative for Lebanon.

Once again in collaboration with the Meyer Children?? Hospital in Florence, from 2009 to 2011 she conducted clinical research on pharmacovigilance in the pediatric  population and coordinated a pilot program on computerization of the adverse drug reaction reporting system in pediatric hospitals.

During the same period she was entrusted by the International School of Florence to develop a substance abuse prevention program for schools. This led to her decision to analyze this issue more in-depth by participating in the IPAS Master program.

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