TMS Therapy FAQ’s – Will TMS work for me?

FAQ about TMS Therapy:

Will TMS work for me?

Rachel N. (Lakewood)

TMS has proven to be an extremely powerful tool that can be utilized to achieve a certain mental stability.  It?? not a magic pill, and it won?? work on its own.  We believe there are practices that every patient can and should adopt while undergoing treatment. 

1) Sleep is crucial??ry to develop a healthy sleep regimen.  There are no guarantees in medical treatment.  What we offer people is a research-based treatment at the cutting edge of treating depression.  TMS therapy increases your chances of getting better after having failed multiple antidepressants.  Despite this, not everyone gets better.  Regardless, a good sleep regimen, although extremely difficult for some, is the goal.

2) Watch your diet??ry to eat a well-balanced diet, staying away from highly processed foods, sugars and alcohol.  

3) Exercise!  Work those muscles, get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing.  Continuing these three key practices after TMS therapy will help patients cope when treatment ends.


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