5 Years Ago I Could Barely Leave The House -TMS Solutions Infographic

??h! I am so different, OK! Compared to five years ago, I was like, I could barely even leave the house, like if I went somewhere it was cause for celebration??And now, I am always out and about, I am so happy, I can just do so many things??Now I can live a normal life, be happy, and go and do things, and not be held back by this disease.??Stated Katie Haslam on Fox 13 Salt Lake City news story.  Click the Fox 13 link to read the entire story.


Here is the latest TMS Solutions Infographic showing astonishing results from TMS Therapy for treating depression.

According to a study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, annual costs related to Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) rose to $210.5 billion in 2010.

Depression in the US “”is the leading cause of disability for people aged 15-44, resulting in almost 400 million disability days per year??

The Fox news piece says ??tatistics indicate that about half of Americans who are depressed do not get treatment and half of those who are treated are what Dr. Howard Weeks, of the University of Utah calls resistant- to-medication.??/p>

In Summary

We’re excited about TMS Therapy, ??ranscranial Magnetic Stimulation??(TMS), because it’s about giving people their lives back. TMS Solutions utilizes patented, FDA cleared, NeuroStar TMS Therapy? to provide a proven, successful approach to achieving remission from depression (not just manage symptoms). There are many insurance companies that cover TMS therapy including Medicare and Blue Cross (most states). Humana and the VA are now also covering this process. In addition to treating depression, TMS Therapy is also proving helpful in treating anxiety, PTSD, Tinnitus and Postpartum depression.

  • TMS efficacy is showing better results than traditional medication, with far fewer, less severe side effects.
  • TMS Therapy has provided relief for over 24,000 depression sufferers to date.
  • Approximately 1 out of 3 people have experienced complete remission from depression.
  • 50% of patients have drastic reductions in their symptoms.
  • TMS Therapy is bringing new hope to patients and families every day.


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Patients have been heard to say, “”The gray is gone!“”


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