Treating Depression In Montrose, Colorado.

In the Valley Health section of the Montrose Daily Press, February 7, 2020, writer Leslie Brown got a tour of TMS Solutions Montrose with Graham Trenda. Trenda is a certified TMS Technician as well as a Patient Advocate for TMS Solutions, a company treating depression with a revolutionary treatment outside the typically prescribed medications.

Brown noted that one of Trenda?? patients had suffered from depression and PTSD for 26 years. She began treatment last May and after two weeks was already feeling better. By the end of treatment, the patient was free from her depression and anxiety.  She went on to wean off all medications under the supervision of her doctor.

The author quoted the patient as saying, ??n my opinion, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the best thing that has ever happened for PTSD and major depression sufferers. Hands down, there is no reason for someone to suffer any longer if their current treatment isn?? effective.??/p>

In the Daily Press article, Trenda goes on to talk about the downward trend of trying yet one more medication, when the previous one either didn?? work or the side effects made it necessary to try something else. It?? one example of the ??aw of diminishing returns.  For example: buy your favorite candy bar, and you love it to the last bite. If you buy another, it?? still good.  If you bought and ate a 3rd, 4th or 5th, you might be sick of it.

It?? a similar situation with medication; Trenda shared results from the Star-D report that noted that a first medication for depression has about a 27% chance of being effective. Moving to a second medication drops the effectiveness to just over 21%. By the time you??e gotten to the 4th attempt, the effectiveness drops to 6.9%.

In the article, Trenda noted that as a company (with 11 offices in 5 states), 60% of TMS Solutions??patients have successful results. 40% go into remission. Life gets better. People get their joy back. Friends and family notice.

TMS uses FDA cleared devices. It is proven, safe and drug-free. TMS treatment is covered by insurance. There is some discomfort for the first week, but that?? the only side-effect. The treatment takes place over 6 weeks, with a typical session lasting around 35 minutes. Treatments are done on an out-patient basis in an office setting, and patients can read or listen to music during the treatment. Afterward, they can safely drive home or back to work.

CEO and co-founder Christopher Blackburn will be at Rotary in Montrose on Tuesday February 11th sharing more about this exciting technology, and Trenda & TMS Solutions will be at the Montrose Memorial Health Fair at the Pavilion on February 29th from 6:30 to noon.

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